26 02, 2013

How to Prepare your Food


The discovery of fire revolutionized life in many ways, but the greatest impact was on food. It is very interesting that tribes in all parts of the world have developed incredibly similar ways of foods involving the use fire. Bread, for example, is a universal food that is baked. In addition, a fair number of [...]

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19 02, 2013

The Secret of a Balanced Nutrition


In the complex process of keeping our bodies functioning properly, nutrition supplies the elements necessary to keep 100 trillion cells carrying out their diverse activities. One of the most important activities in the body is a production of replacement cells. This is a vulnerable process because there are many elements that distort genetic information and [...]

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15 02, 2013

Amounts of Fruits and Vegetables for Cancer Prevention


Five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily will help you prevent cancer. A serving equals 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables, a cup of raw leafy vegetables, a medium-sized piece of raw fruit, or 170 g of fruit or vegetable juice. It is best to eat the fruits and vegetables raw. Cooking destroys [...]

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