26 06, 2013

Change our Thinking about Cancer


By Dr. Francisco Contreras The enormous failure of conventional therapies are not the result of procedures themselves, but why and how they are used. First, the application is supported on a false premise: Cancerous tumors are the disease. In reality, the tumors are but a symptom of a metabolic failure that allowed them to grow. [...]

Change our Thinking about Cancer2018-06-06T20:47:33-07:00
5 06, 2013

Keep healthy by knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI)


How do you know if you are overweight? Here is a good indicator. If you are a an and you waist is 40 inches or if you are a woman and you waist is 35 inches in circumference, you are at a higher risk for chronic diseases especially heart disease and cancer. Here is an [...]

Keep healthy by knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI)2018-06-07T15:37:43-07:00


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