The discovery of fire revolutionized life in many ways, but the greatest impact was on food. It is very interesting that tribes in all parts of the world have developed incredibly similar ways of foods involving the use fire. Bread, for example, is a universal food that is baked. In addition, a fair number of foods can be made without preparation in the kitchen.

A few decades ago people bought daily what was needed for daily consumption. The modern homemaker goes to the market two to three times a month. The storing of food is at present an integral part of our existence, but let’s remember that organic foods keep the nutrients for only a few days after harvesting. Foods stay fresh in the refrigerator for about eight days. It is good, therefore, to buy vegetables and fruits to be consumed as soon as possible. In these difficult times, we neither want nor should waste anything so prepare only what is needed but if something is left over, keep it covered so as not to lose any more nutrients. We should not allow foods to spoil, least we turn refrigerator into a bacteria culture chamber.

Like all things that evolve and progress, the process of attaining these goals have their price. Now flavor reigns over nutrients. Utensils have evolved too. Of the Clay and wooden ones, nothing remains; they have been replaced by more durable instruments. Nevertheless, many utensils are dangerous to health. Part of the Mexican tradition is cooking in clay pots but it has been discovered that the clay contains lead. Aluminum utensils are also harmful because they form aluminum salts that coat the inside walls of the digestive system and impede the formation of normal digestive secretions. Aluminum can cause ulcers and cancer. Beyond that, aluminum is introduced into the bloodstream and added to fatty and brain tissue increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another material that definitely affects our health is Teflon. The pans safe for cooking are made of glass, enameled cast iron and stainless steel. Cook your food in utensils that are in good condition, not ones chipped or rusted because these contaminate foods that and there’s already too much of that in the environment.

I sincerely hope this information helps you to acknowledge that you must take a look into your cooking methods. Enjoy!!!