Do you know the category of the best-selling, most self-prescribed health product in America? Not weight-loss products. Laxatives.

Each year, Americans spend more than 700 million on laxatives. A recent study showed that the United States has the highest rate of laxative use compared to several developed countries.

To put it plainly, Americans are constipated. Many people believe it’s normal to move their bowels every two or three days. Actually, people need to move their bowels 2 to 3 times each day. This is especially important for cancer patients, and, unfortunately, many cancer therapies are constipating. A constipated person is not illuminating toxins. In fact, toxins, including chemotherapy are recycled, thus exposing patients to devastating side effects again and again.

A high-fiber diet is critical to detoxifying the body. Many phytonutrients found in vegetables, herbs, and fruits influence detoxification pathways, improve the liver functions, and help the bowels move. Sulforaphane, present and broccoli sprouts, specifically stimulates the liver detoxification.