Here are some tips that can help you move from a sedentary lifestyle two more active one. To begin, just move of more. Becoming an active person can involve thousands of tiny little choices you make throughout your day to move around. See if these ideas can spark other ideas.

1. Start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Walk to the kitchen to get your own drink of water instead of asking someone to bring it to you.

3. Walk to the mailbox instead of stopping at it when you pull into the driveway.

4. Walk to the store instead of having everything delivered.

5. Choose an outside activity like miniature golfing instead of TV.

6. Take a walk along the beach.

7. Take ballroom dancing lessons.

8. Choose an exercise you find enjoyable and do it.

9. Plant some flowers in your front yard and spend a few evenings a week digging in the dirt.

10. Walk next-door to check on your neighborhood instead of calling on the telephone.

These tiny decisions will act like little stones paving the road to an entirely new attitude, renewed health and energy and ultimately to a longer life.