It is not difficult to understand that the easiest and best way to beat cancer in your own body is through prevention. This offensive strategy against disease requires a lifestyle that should be pursued by everyone living in today’s environment. If you have had cancer or are in remission, if you have cancer now or are in a particularly high risk group, or even if you feel it will not touch you, developing a cancer free lifestyle is the only insurance policy available for good health. Everyone should do it.

Along with good, life nutrition and healthy detoxification, the key in developing a cancer free lifestyle is ongoing, moderate exercise. Researchers indicate that those who use up to 2000 calories or more and physical activity each week have a third less risk of getting all types of cancer as compared to sedentary individuals.

Researchers also believe that exercise may prevent colon and breast cancers. One study found that women who exercise an average of four hours per week reduced their risk of breast cancer by 50% compared to that of age-matched inactive women. Exercise also helps boost the immune system and helps promote such healthy habits as getting a good night’s sleep.