When you laugh, this is an overview of how your body changes at the cellular level:

  • Cells that produce antibodies increase in number.
  • Cells that combat viruses fall into formation and get ready for battle.

All of this is the direct result of a good joke! No wonder comedians like George Burns live so long!

In addition to boosting your immune system, researchers Lee Berk and Stanley Tan noted that laughter plays an interesting role in the overall harmony that your immune system needs to work at its very best. Dr. Berk was amazed by the findings.

“It is astonishing to think that something so commonplace as laughter could manipulate significant immunological processes,” he said.

Imagine that all the systems in your body are members of an orchestra that must perform together in harmony. One system needs to increase its volume because of a flu virus. Another system needs to play a little softer. Two systems need to blend at one particular moment to produce a special effect.

Well. Laughter come into the symphony and acts as a conductor, bringing harmony and balance to all of the other performances.

Researchers Dr. Tan said “All these neuro-hormone act like an orchestra; each instrument makes a particular note. Laughter makes the entire orchestra more melodious or balanced. In other words, laughter brings a balance to all the components of the immune system.

According to Berk, mirthful laughter modulates specific immune system components like the conductor of an orchestra. The conductor has the option to increase tempo and volume, rendering the music more harsh, rapid and less harmonious. The conductor can also calm the tempo, enhance sonic integration and make sure the body harmonizes in a healthy performance. Laughter is certainly a potent force.