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Welcome new patients

Follow Up Coordinator
Name: Mario Jacobo
Tel: 619-690-8421 Fax: 888-465-0366
Email: followup@oasisofhope.com
The Follow-Up Program at Oasis of Hope is designed to support all patients at home in-between their treatment cycles and any subsequent treatment. It has been our experience that patients who stay in contact with our Follow-Up department tend to have better results.
This department consists of the follow up coordinator and the attending physician. The way it works is that the coordinator will set up scheduled phone calls with the patient in order for our medical department to keep track of the patients’ progress. In turn, all patients can call the coordinator to set up phone consultations with your physician.
This program is the best system for our doctors to make any modifications to your treatment, request any additional testing done, and/or clarify any questions or doubts the patient might have about their treatment protocol.
Also, when departing, most patients will not have an exact date of when their next treatment cycle will begin. Our coordinator will keep in touch until that date is confirmed.
Before your departure, the follow-up department will meet with the patient and schedule a date for your first initial phone call. This call is scheduled usually 2 weeks after your departure. However, you can always call in before the scheduled date. Subsequent to the first phone call, the coordinator will keep in constant contact with you for 5 years.
Your health is important to us, so to prevent any financial difficulty, the Follow-Up Program is offered at no additional cost.

Continued Care Program

After you complete treatment cycle, all patients can participate in the Continued Care Program. This program is designed so patients can come to Oasis of Hope for a general check up. This program is offered at no cost and includes:

  • One consultation with your Oasis of Hope physician & a review of the patients recent medical history
  • A one night stay at Oasis of Hope for the patient and companion
  • Three meals for the patient and companion
  • Free round-trip shuttle from the San Diego airport to Oasis of Hope for the patient and companion